The Escape Artist (Brothers Pt 1)

by Heart For A Tin Man

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All songs written by Heart For a Tin Man.

This is the first release in what will likely be a 3-EP story arc, entitled "Brothers".


released February 29, 2012

Wess Willis: Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Lyrics
Dan Christopher: Bass
Joe Greenetz: Drums
Hannah Glavor: Vocals on Tracks 2, 3
Sam Alexander: Vocals and Guitar on Track 2

Engineering/Mixing: Ian Watts at The Magic Closet
Mastering: Tony Lash

Cover Photography: Steve Wehrley

Special Thanks to Sebastian Rogers for his invaluable advice and guidance early in the process.



all rights reserved


Heart For A Tin Man Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: May You Live In Interesting Times
These are days we won’t live past
We have the proof we have the facts
Separate the wheat from chaff
See what you have and what you lack

Keep what you can’t stand to lose
Tougher times they will ensue
Sad to say your best won’t do
We’re moving on without you

Wake up, time to go
Burn your halo
No more time to think aloud

We are versed in turmoil
The chorus of the crowd
It may not be the truth, you best believe it will be loud

There is nothing offered
No rewards remain
The city holds an empty sound
If it won’t talk we’ll tear it down

Wake up, time to go
Burn your halo
See this to the end
No chance now to make amends
We’ll just break what won’t bend
Track Name: The Last Time We Spoke
I answered, you called
you left me there with nothing at all
To escape,the fall
and leave behind all that you've known

I know how this ends, the approaching fade This city's falling in, under its own weight
We cannot stay

Decide what you need, what you'll leave behind
go and make your peace, there is so little time
the daylight fades

"Its almost over" I hear you say
It will come down, and decay
"Its not worth saving" you barked and brayed
Its so loud, but its too late

You answered, I called
It seems that I don't need at all
I stayed through the fall
and survive here with nothing at all
Track Name: Young?
We've waited for signals and signs
Held up under siege and held out for relief
and cursed the the concede

It's time, time time,
Forward through these barbwire ones
Toward an enemy, terrible and unseen,
and nothing like me

Violence and vinegar, all that I ever had
When I was young
Strange it seems to be one to go out and kill a man
Before you become one

A sad surprise, to see this with my own two eyes
First time overseas, and the scenery
not what I thought it'd be

Shots in the air, you can never prepare
For seeing yourself bleed
The face thats staring back from a barrel is all I see

Violence and vinegar, all that I ever had
When I was young

Strange it seems to be one to go out and kill a man
Before I became one

It seems all too easy to just walk away
Say I am, I am, I'm too young to blame

All I recall is when they gave me a gun
so when was I young?

Not enough, its not enough
to point ahead and give a shove
won't make a man
to give a boy a gun

Never young, or old enough
naiveté afforded us
no chance to see
no chance to look up
Track Name: Projector
I found myself face down in sand
my eyes heavy with slumber
i don't know how I found land
after the waves pulled me under

I remember teeth and then nothing
a heartbeats lullabye
oh my god am I dreaming
oh my god am I still alive

i hear a voice call my name
we need to light a fire
its easier just to lie here
so I close my eyes tighter

i remember praying for a way out
i remember praying for a way out
i remember praying for a way out

I spit the salty taste
feeling my fever break
I raise my head, I'm awake
Track Name: Cut The Lines
Two thousand miles, too much at stake, to turn around
Iron expectations, overboard, driven deep in the sound
The moment is fleeting, a false dawn, misleading
I cut the anchor, stayed at sea, until I ran aground

an odd name, and an odd face
the mission is misplaced

ill- planned, the escape
return and retake

The waters sweet
It sings to me,
Come make a new home,
here in the grey
between the shore and the sea
Track Name: When You're Alone
a light dimming slowly its time to be alone

you should stay awake
you should have stayed at home

farther to forage to
further the goal

and rid yourself
of summer clothes

then raised your ragged face
and opened up your thirst
and drank until it hurt

is this what you live for?
the life you adore
is it everything you wanted and more

is this what you're all about?
now that you found a way out
too late to go back home now