The Heaviest Gears

by Heart For A Tin Man

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This album is comprised of songs written between 2008 and 2010, with various people involved. It is essentially the sum total of what Heart For a Tin Man has been up to this point. That is, mostly random and occasionally rad.

The title is a reference to one of the latter songs, which explores challenge/progress.

Drums were tracked at Red Wood Studios, all other instruments/voices were tracked at home with an Mbox2 and a Macbook Pro. Everything was mixed/mastered 'in the box' using Pro Tools LE 8.

It was a lot of work, hope you enjoy it. Next one will be quicker, we swear.


released February 16, 2011

Music: Heart for a Tin Man

Lyrics: Wess Wilis

Tracking: Wess Willis

Mixing/Mastering: Kyle Stuck at Red Wood Studios

Cover Art: Monnica Rae

Wess Willis: Vocals and Guitars
Dan Christopher: Bass
Becky Bell: Keyboards and Vocals
Jonathan Tucker: Drums on tracks 1-8
Nathan Powell: Drums on tracks 9 and 10



all rights reserved


Heart For A Tin Man Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Samuel
For so long I've stared at brighter lights
Now I must be a sight
Stumbling through the darkness staring through these concrete eyes
Now I see its no comfort, just to say you tried
I will stand here listening until you do decide

To say what you want from me

I can't do this alone, as you know
How long must I wait, for you to show

I hear them calling out my name
They won't rest so I'm begging
you to say what you want from me

I won’t sleep, til hear you speak
Say what you will your servants listening
Here I’ll stay through dark and day
Until you see and give me my new name

Say what you want from me
Track Name: Empty Space
For years you’ve stood in a cage of your own minds design
Weathered storms and all the harms that come from the inside
Lock the door and pace the floor, they can’t find you anymore
Said if you can’t win then you just won’t keep store

Lead the way for your escape

Throw yourself away
Everything decays
This life that you’ve wasted will be gone someday
Til its all just empty space

Tell me what have you to show
For every line that you wrote
Until the air gets thin and your breathing slows

I’ve read this story before,
someone who never wants more
Til the air gives out and then you choke

You can’t get something for nothing
Track Name: Altitude
Bet you never knew, these songs I sing
I sing mostly for you
It just feels like you’re always on my mind

These are just temporary angles,
toward a more permanent shape,
the light curving around the straight lines of your perfect face
and I’m signaling with sound, up to you from on the ground
hoping you’ll come down soon cause I can’t stand the wait

Wonder if you knew, would it mean a thing to you,
Would you turn around, and offer me your hand

Still you pass me by just like the thinnest air I can barely breath without you breathe without you here
Oh bet you never knew
these songs I sing, I sing mostly for you
Cause to me you’ll always be perfect

Alone here I wait, for you to show
Pretending like I don't, know you know
I look up to the sun and burn my eyes
Its done me no good to see that high
Track Name: Of Golden Geese
I've heard you promise what we need to feel complete
Emptiness pervades and its you that holds the key
We have been held captive by the emeralds in our eyes
Who will pay the ransom is it even worth the price?

Your lies have tried to dim our eyes
Can we not see beyond today?
So clever you have become, endeavor with silver tongue
To take forever away

You say its fine, we’ll make it better if you just give in and buy
Don’t say you understand til you see the world through both our eyes

It seems our reasons verge, on treason for not wanting, more than what we have
But who decided that, all that life is what you do and what you have
Track Name: A Brother, A Villain
Oh wouldn’t you know we’re back here again
Out in the streets just to see who’ll give in
So familiar the scene like a song on repeat
I can’t stand one single beat

Conflict creates character no other way will do
The people need an enemy we’ll make one out of you
And you’ll know how this will end
When you say its us or them

Oh this is madness to bleed out our own
When no ones left standing we’ll see just
How we were wrong

They are nothing like us at all, It means nothing to us if..

..they fall down forgotten while we write history
Truly we know our enemy

All you can say, its not about hate,we only fight cause we’re right
(And all you can say, it was not about hate)
We never made anyone choose, We only drew the lines
(We only fight, because we’re right)

Its all about names, who you belong to
(We’ve drawn the lines, so hurry up its time to chose)
The black the blue the red or the white
(the red or the white, the black or blue and every)
When its over we’ll see the right side
(side against every side)

I think I know how this ends
When all that we have left is our friends
While we’re holding hands then we’ll turn a suspicious
Eye towards them and see our new villain
And we’ll fight until theres no one left

All of this madness and we’ve nothing to show,
Trapped inside your apartheid has laid us low and all you can say….

It was not about hate
We won the fight because we were right
We drew the lines, everybody came to choose
the red or the white, the black or blue and every side against every side
Track Name: Sleep Machines
Innocent naivete
We flipped the switch, and walked away
The factory's empty and we've all gone to sleep
But who watches the machine

We stare at diamond skies and don't see their worth
The moons a streetlight and the sun is a curse
I signed a letter hoping they'd make me strong
But I'm feeling weaker and more scared I was wrong

Stay with me, I'll make it alright
When you fall asleep, I'll eat you alive
And you'll never know, our asking price

Take a drink, let it calm your mind
If you want to see, I'll be your eyes
And you'll never know, what lies burning inside
Track Name: Veins Like Vines
You’ve stretched me to transparency
Just to say you see right through me
The advantage that you press, is a weight on my chest
Its holding me down for the guillotine

How you drip slow inside me
A cold rush to core of my veins
Shuts me down silently
Til I am not feeling feeling a thing

Here am I left stagnant kept by frozen vines
You swear its just to keep me safe that they’re so intertwined
It wouldn’t be the first time that you lied

If I’m to blame for all of this
Then trust me given half a chance
I’d pull wire from wrist
To cleanse my heart and bleed to death
To purge me of this mistake,
Pour out the plans that you’ve made
To bleed out on this floor and lie here awake

Trapped with you kept inside (we know whats best for you)
Watched by these blurry outlines (you’ll see you silly fool)
You’re killing me you’re killing me (just what we’re waiting for)
By keeping me here in this room

Sleep won’t you come,
pull the curtain to on all I’ve done
And keep me in this room, a cold familiar tomb
For only one
I’m growing cold from these fluid-filled wires
And I blame you for all that’s transpired
And these hospital sheets couldn’t keep me warm if I was on fire
Track Name: The Heaviest of Gears
Give it up, run hide get out of the way
Anything just to stay safe
Anything to not be afraid

Paralyzed, a satellite frozen in space
Motionless unwavering gaze
Clueless to its blistering pace

All this time, bracing against this awful tide
Just to take a place in line
And test my fate

Slowly still dragging my feet along the floor
Leaning against the heaviest door
Hoping it gives way

When you see more day than night
And feel entitled to the light
You don’t mind the sacrifice
Or the price you pay

Now that things don’t seem so safe
And you feel so far from day
you wish that you had saved
what you gave away

All this time, bracing against this awful tide
Just to take a place in line
And test my fate

Slowly still feeling the weight of all these years
Leaning against the heaviest gears
Hoping they give way
Track Name: Grave Digger
Down to the last inch with dirt in your teeth clinched tight
Everyones watching, won’t you give them a sight

I don’t believe that you can do this all on your own

You might not last the night
No one remembers the ones who were too scared to try

So now that you’re leaving, tell me where will you sleep
All this deceiving, now you’ve dug down too deep

I don’t believe you can do this all on your own

See you on the way down

Forgive me for saying so but I don’t think you know
how far down you’ve thrown yourself
Standing firm on sinking sand, holding tight with dirty hands
You keep digging deeper still

Is it worth the fight, can you last the night
Can you dig your own way out

You don’t stand a chance just give me your hand
Can’t you see you’re too far down